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Q: What is Rhinoplasty?

This is a Cosmetic Surgery procedure done to improve the appearance/shape of the nose. As the nose lies in the centre of the face, even minor problems in it's appearance are very prominent & evident. Thus it is a very popular procedure in adult men and women of all ages. External problems of the nose cause great distress to people and this surgery may just be the answer.

Various areas of the nose where shape can be changed include the tip, nostrils or the bridge. However, the surgery is done only after the growth of the nose is complete, at about 14-15 years of age.

Q: What are the problems due to a deformed nose?

Problems include both physical and psychological

Physical problems may include

  • Severe deviation causing obstruction to breathing through nose.
  • Few nasal deformities may be associated with other bone problems of face/body that can need evaluation & treatment

Psychological problems include absence of pleasing appearance, dull or even idiotic look/personality due to the impact it can have on the overall getup of the person. This can have severe implications on personal life of in job/work

Depressed nasal bridge corrected by using cartilage graft

Bump (Hump) on the nasal bridge corrected by reshaping the Nasal bone

Q: What problems of the nose can be corrected by cosmetic Surgery?

General problems such as

  1. Nose large for face
  2. Nose is crooked
  3. Asymmetrical nose due to previous injury

Specific problems such as

  1. nasal bridge- depressed or with a bump (hump)-seen from the side
  2. wide upper nose-seen from front
  3. wide, blunt tip-can be narrowed to make it sharp
  4. drooping tip
  5. wide flaring nostrils-can be narrowed

Narrowing of nasal bridge and sharpening of the nasal tip



Shortening the nose length



Q: What all is considered in the initial evaluation by the surgeon?

Your past problems including any allergy, sinus problem or breathing trouble needs to be told. Previous injury or surgery to nose is very relevant information. Any medicines being taken presently need to be discussed.
You are expected to frankly mention your desires and problems in the nose, what you expect to have after the surgery. Explaining with a mirror in your hand is quite helpful.

The surgeon will then examine the problem area, rest of the nose and entire face. Nasal bone structure and quality of nasal skin are checked; this determined how much of the skeletal correction by surgery is actually seen.

The goal of a Rhinoplasty surgery is a natural looking nose that fits with the rest of your face. A surgery executed smoothly restores the balance between the nose and other face structures such as forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. Sometimes, additional correction in the same surgery to either of these areas is needed.

Photos will be taken as part of the records

Q: Can nose reshaping surgery be combined with any other surgery?

Nasal septum is the partition between the two nostrils. With some external nose problems, septum is also deformed, causing obstruction to breathing. This is corrected while doing the shape correction surgery itself.
Surgery to other parts of face can be combined with a Rhinoplasty surgery. For outstation patients cosmetic surgery to other areas of the body is not a problem either.

Q: Will marks(scars) of the nose correction surgery be seen?

This is not at all a problem, as the surgery is done from inside the nose. The surgical scar is not visible in routine life at all.

Q: What are the possible risks/problems associated with the procedure?

Though uncommon in most people, you will be informed in case of any special risk in your case to any of the problems.

Wound infection
Bleeding after the surgery
Temporary swelling of nose and eyelids.

Q: Some other details about the procedure

Usually done under General anaesthesia. Nose is opened up from inside and the bone and cartilage is cut and reshaped or repositioned to achieve the desired result. Sometimes, additional material-natural or artificial- is used to get the desired shape, which will be discussed in advance. Correction of septum problem is done when needed before closing the nose. A nasal pack from inside and splint from outside are applied at completion of surgery.

Q: What preparation is needed before I go in for the procedure?

Smoking has to be stopped about 4 weeks prior to the procedure.
Blood thinning drugs (Aspirin/Dispirin) and Vitamins need to be stopped 2 weeks prior.
Fasting is needed at least 6 hours prior to the procedure.
You need to be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout your stay in the hospital.

Q: What can I expect immediately after the surgery?

You will have to breathe through the mouth as there will be a nasal pack; this is removed in a day or so.
Some minor nose bleeding for a day or so is common.
Some temporary swelling or bruising around the eyelids may be seen in the first week after surgery.

Q: How is the recovery after the surgery?

Obvious changes are noticed immediately, once the splint is removed a week after the surgery. Finer details achieved by the surgery will be seen only after 6 weeks once the swelling has begun to settle. Final shape of the nose is evident at about 6 months.

Blowing the nose is to be avoided, as this may cause damage.
Any activity/sports that may lead to an external blow/force to the nose has to be avoided. The nasal bones are very delicate and need to be protected for at least 6 weeks.

Q: What is the long term outcome after the procedure?

Visits to the surgeon as specified will keep your recover smooth.
It will also help clarify all your remaining doubts if any.
Photos of the surgery result will be taken when appropriate.


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