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Areas of Surgery

Hymen Surgery

Common names used to refer to this procedure

  • Virginity restoration
  • Revirginization
  • Restore virginity
  • Hymen Surgery
  • Hymen procedure
  • Hymen restoration
  • Hymenorrhaphy
  • Labiotomy

Other related terms include,

  • Septate hymen
  • Rigid hymen
  • Intact hymen
  • Hymenotomy
  • Original Hymen

Q: What is hymen restoration surgery?

This is a simple surgical procedure done to recreate the intact hymen in a woman who needs to have their virginity restored for cultural, religious, social or ethical reasons. Though the correct technical term for the procedure is Hymenorrhaphy, it also commonly called as Revirginization surgery or loosely as Hymenoplasty procedure/surgery.

Q: What is achieved by the hymen restoration surgery?

The surgery restores virginity after the hymen may have been ruptured during rape, intercourse by consent, insertion of tampons, sports or falls.

Q: Can a hymen ruptured by any reason, heal by itself?

The tear/wound that results after hymen rupture will always heal by itself, just like any other minor wound in the body. Infact, this is indicated when the bleeding stops in a day or so after the rupture. However, the healing cannot recreate the diaphragm-like (umbrella shape) of the original hymen. This can be done only by surgery.

Thus only surgery can restore virginity, Hymen cannot grow back by itself.

Q: Who can undergo the hymen restoration surgery?

Hymen restoration can be done in any woman who wishes to restore her lost virginity on religious, cultural, social or personal grounds.

Q: When is the right time to go the hymen restoration surgery?

The surgery can be done anytime after the hymen rupture has occurred or been noticed, either soon after or later as well. When rupture is due to intercourse by consent, the damage to the original hymen increases with each intercourse; less the damage to the original hymen, better is the outcome of the restoration surgery.

When intercourse is likely to occur in a planned way, 6 weeks of healing time after surgery is needed for the hymen to heal well and break with some bleeding in the natural way like a virgin hymen. Stitches used to repair the hymen will also dissolve in the same period, making the surgery invisible even on a medical examination.

Q: How popular is this procedure?

Conventionally, this procedure has been very popular in the Middle east & Latin America. Today, it has become quite popular in the US and elsewhere. Though concrete data is not available on the numbers due to obvious reasons of secrecy, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons mentions Vaginal Tightening & Hymenoplasty as one of the fastest growing trends among it's member Surgeons.

Though pressures of modern life usually lead to sex before marriage, the social pressure to stay virgin till the time of marriage has stayed the same. This forces the lady to consider hymen restoration surgery.

Finally, since this is not a major surgery with significant risks, the popularity is increasing as it is widely marketed in magazines, internet and in other media.

Some details about the surgery.
Duration: 30min to 1 hour
Anaesthesia: Sedation or general Anaesthesia
Period of hospitalization: day care surgery or overnight stay if needed.

Q: How much time is needed for recovery after Hymen Restoration Surgery?

Usually, person can go to work the next day. Some minor blood loss may be noticed over 48-72 hours, which is normal. Any strenuous activity causing strain on the hips or pelvic region is better avoided for at least 6 weeks after surgery. Such activity may interfere in healing after surgery.

Q: What exactly is done to recreate the intact hymen?

The edges of the remaining hymen are cut and stitched as necessary. By doing this, the hymen will grow back together as it heals. Some tightening of the Vaginal wall is also seen to happen after this surgery. If the remnants of the hymen are not big enough to be used for recreating the hymen or if you are one of those women born without a hymen, a small portion of the vaginal mucosa is used to narrow the vaginal opening. This will ensure rupture of the new hymen and some amount of bleeding at the time of the first intercourse, similar to the rupture of a normal hymen.

Q: What are the different types of hymen reconstructive surgery?

The term Hymenorrhaphy is used to include four significantly different types of surgical procedures, mentioned below from most common to least common

  • Suturing of a tear in the hymen, as might be caused after sexual assault, to help healing
  • A pure Cosmetic Surgery procedure, where a membrane without blood supply is created. This procedure is best scheduled for a few days the marriage
  • Use of a flap of the vaginal lining (mucosa), complete with it's blood supply, to create a new hymen.
  • Uncommonly, the term has been used to describe some varieties of infibulation procedure, which requires further surgery before penetration is possible. This procedure is not legally approved in most countries.

Q: Is the new hymen same as the original hymen?

Yes. Remnants of your old hymen or vaginal mucosal tissue are stitched up in the surgery. Once this heals well, the rupture at time of the next intercourse will result in bleeding, giving your partner the assurance that you are having intercourse for the first time. You also will most likely experience the same sensation as when it was first broken.

Q: What are other procedures on the hymen - Hymenoplasty, Labiotomy

This is a general term; it refers to any surgical procedure done on the hymen. It includes

  • Hymenorrhaphy- this is the procedure described above - revirginization surgery
  • Hymenotomy - this is a procedure to remove hymen or create an opening in the hymen. It is performed in patients with a problem of either a septate hymen or a imperforate hymen or other situations where hymen is unusually thick or rigid.
    • Imperforate hymen
    • the below picture is not added in the html file.

    This is a condition where a female has a hymen without without any opening, an opening is created by surgery to facilitate menstruation.

  • Septate hymen-bands are present across the opening of the hymen- thick OR rigid hymen In all these conditions, the Hymenotomy procedure is done to allow comfortable sesxual penetration of the vagina, or to relieve pain or discomfort while inserting or removing tampons.
  • Hymen reconstruction- this is another general term for procedures on the hymen, usually implies the revirginization procedure.

Q: What other procedures may be combined with a Hymen Surgery?

In certain situations, the procedures mentioned below may be combined along with a Hymen Surgery.

  • Vaginal rejuvenation- This is a procedure that restores the muscle tone and the aesthetics of the Vagina, by removing excess tissues and tightening the supportive structures of the vulvovaginal complex, in effort either to reduce or to reverse the effects of aging and childbearing. The advantages are a physically comfortable health and an improved self-image (mental health)
  • Labioplasty/Vulvoplasty -please see the section on genital cosmetic surgery.


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