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Cheek Dimple Creation

Advancing age, stress and sun damage to face leads to loss of youthful look, smartness and tired appearance. Analysis of the forehead, mid-lower face and neck reveals the extent of involvement in a given person-whether partial or total. Treatment includes a variety of option that may need correcting skin wrinkles (Botox injections) or scars (dermabrasion or Laser correction), adding bulk to sunken areas (artificial filler or natural fat injections) or reposition tissue that show obvious sagging (by minimally invasive thread lift procedure OR conventional facelift surgery).

Q: How can a cheek dimple be created by surgery?

Using a local anesthetic agent, a small painless cut is made at the pre-decided position on the inside of the cheek. An absorbable stitch is passed from inside to catch the underside of the skin. When this stitch is tied, it results in dimpling of the skin.
The scarring between the skin and the muscle will cause a permanent dimple even after the suture has dissolved.

Q: Why do people wish to get a dimple created by surgery?

In some cultures, dimples are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity. Dimples also help to brighten a smile and add character to the face. Sometimes people have siblings or close friends who have the dimple, this surgery gives them the option to create what nature has not given.

Q: How long does the surgery take?

Usually the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes about half an hour.

Q: Does the surgery result look natural?

We do not offer the surgery unless we are convinced after the initial evaluation that the result will look natural & beautiful. Though the procedure is more effective when cheek fat is minimal, good results are possible in most cases, giving the end result that is natural, and not looking like a red dot.

Q: Can I choose where the dimple is placed?

Yes, you and the surgeon together will choose the best place to have the dimple. Dimple creation surgery is highly personalized. You may choose to have one dimple, or two.

Q: Can I choose how deep or shallow my dimple will be?

Though you may choose a deeper dimple or one that is more superficial, the surgeon will help you take a decision. The procedure can be adjusted accordingly to meet the requirements.

Q: How long does it take for the dimple to fall out?

Initially the dimple created by the procedure stays continuously regardless of whether you are smiling or not, for some time, this time period can last from a few days to a few weeks. Once the dimple 'falls out' it will be present only while smiling. There are many procedures to create a dimple, some of which will leave a permanent dimple.

Some other details about the procedure

A small painless incision is made on the inside of the cheek. There is no incision or mark on the outside. An absorbable stitch is taken from the inside to catch the undersurface of the skin at the desired point of the dimple. At first, the dimple is seen even without smiling; after a few days to weeks it is seen only while smiling or moving the face.

Q: What complications are possible after dimple creation surgery?

Usually, only mild swelling and bruising may be seen.
Rarely, temporary weakness of the cheek muscle can occur.
Breakage of the suture holding the dimple can break prematurely; this needs the procedure to be repeated.
Very rarely, a local infection may develop. A course of antibiotics to prevent infection are given regularly.

Q: How do I need to prepare for my dimple surgery?

Please stop taking aspirin or blood thinning drugs from a week prior to the procedure.
Keep a stock of soft food at home for use after surgery; such as jelly, soup, pudding, sauce.
Few of our patients have suggested that popsicles (ice cream on a stick) are an effective way of keeping the inner cheek numb after the procedure. This is in addition to the icepacks we will give.

Q: Can I eat or drink what I want after the surgery?

When done under local anaesthesia, you can eat of drink whatever you like after the procedure. Mild discomfort in cheek may be noticed, but will not interfere in your ability to eat and chew normally.

Q: Will there be any stitch removal or stitch marks after the surgery?

The stitch is taken from a cut made on the inside of the cheek. This heals smoothly without any marks on the outside and the stitch gets dissolved over a few days.

Q: Is the surgery reversible?

Yes, in the initial few days the procedure can be readjusted by loosening the stitch taken. However, we spend time with you to ensure that the procedure done is right for you. This should hope prevent the need for reversing the procedure.

Q: What is the long term outcome after the surgery?

Visits to the surgeon as specified will keep your recover smooth.
It will also help clarify all your remaining doubts if any.
Photos of the surgery result will be taken when appropriate.


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