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Q: What exactly is Chin Corrective Surgery?

Chin corrective surgery, also called Genioplasty or Mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement or reduction of the chin prominence, OR by increase or decrease in the height of the chin.

Q: What problems of the chin can be corrected by surgery?

Prominent chin
Retruded chin
Short chin
Long Chin
Any alignment problems of the lower teeth can be corrected at the time in some cases.

Small chin made larger

Q: What is the purpose/benefit of a chin corrective surgery?

When a chin is obviously disproportionate, the need for enlarging or reducing the chin is obvious. On other occasions, the chin correction may be needed at the time of a nose correction surgery to magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose. This is ultimately essential to restore the harmonious balance to the face so that you feel better about the way you look.

Even minor changes to the chin shape can make a huge change to the overall profile of the face.

Q: What all is considered in the initial evaluation by the surgeon?

The chin is one of the parts of the face that contributes to the face profile, in addition to the nose, forehead and cheek (malar) bones. Any changes in the chin cannot be viewed in isolation. It has to be considered along with changes in the perceived size of the other parts of the face mentioned above and the profile of the neck.
Once you mention your precise expectation, the surgeon will give few suggestions before the final decision can be taken. The teeth alignment will be evaluated as it may be changed by some particular chin correction surgery. Neck profile and presence of double chin will be checked. An X-Ray of the lower jaw including the chin is usually done before the final call on the procedure is taken. Sometimes, special x-ray or scars of the face may be needed.
Finally, photos will be taken as part of the records

Q: How exactly is a chin corrective surgery done?

After Anaesthesia is given, the bony chin is opened from inside the mouth. Reduction in prominence or height of the chin is done by removing a suitable part and amount of the bone to achieve the desired result. Increase in the prominence or height of the bone is achieved by addition of patients own bone (graft) or by use of artificial material (implant surgery) as decided in the initial consultation.

Q: what is DOUBLE CHIN and how it is corrected?

This is a cord/bump like tissue just beneath the main (hard) chin giving the appearance of a second/double chin. The excess soft tissue may be lax skin or muscle or excess fat beneath the main chin.
Correction of the problem involves fairly standard procedures. Excess fat can be removed by liposuction. Loose muscles can be corrected by cutting or stitching then up together. Loose skin, if associated with a receding jaw can be corrected at the same time by a chin implant procedure. The space occupied by the implant will pull up the excess neck skin giving it the desired tightness.

Double chin with a small chin corrected simultaneously by a implant surgery

Q: Do the results of the surgery look normal?

As mentioned above, the purpose of the surgery is to restore the harmonious balance of the entire face, not the chin alone. This is the essential step to give a natural, leasing look and make you feel better and more confident.

Q: What are the risks/complications associated with the surgery?

Standard complications include bleeding and infection, but usually this is not a problem in an elective surgery such as chin surgery.
Complications unique to the procedure include local swelling or bruising and temporary difficulty in talking and smiling that settles in a few days after the surgery.
When an implant has been used, it may shift on rare occasions. If it is significant, additional surgery to correct the position may be needed.

Q: Will the scars of the surgery be seen?

The surgical wound is from inside the mouth, hence there are no externally visible scars at all.
What preparations are required before I need to go in for the surgery?
Smoking has to be stopped about 4 weeks prior to the procedure.
Blood thinning drugs (Aspirin/Dispirin) and Vitamins need to be stopped 2 weeks prior.
Fasting is needed at least 6 hours prior to the procedure.
You need to be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout your stay in the hospital.

Q: What can I expect immediately after the surgery?

There will be stitches on the inner side of the lower lip, which can be felt by the tongue. There will be skin tapes on the external side of the skin to give support to the operated area. The lower lip may feel numb/heavy due to handling of the area during surgery. Pain due to the surgery is easily kept under control by a suitable combination of pain killer drugs.
Liquid diet is needed over the initial few days till the intra-oral wound is healing smoothly.

Q: How is the recovery after the surgery?

The obvious changes in the face profile are seen towards the end of the surgery itself. It will be easily appreciated by you once the chin tapes are removed.
Normal diet can be resumed in a week of the surgery.
Regular work and activity can be resumed in a week. Strenuous activity can be resumed after 3 weeks.

Q: What is the long term outcome after the surgery?

Visits to the surgeon as specified will keep your recover smooth.
It will also help clarify all your remaining doubts if any.
Photos of the surgery result will be taken when appropriate.


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